Andy Mason

Andy Mason

Player Information

Nickname/Web username: Amazin
Year of birth: 1979
Year started playing pool: 1998/9
Current team: Top Guns


Andy Mason is the current chairman for the EKPL, and has always been a great servant to the pool league. This is his second stint as chairman after a few years away from the job, and last year he was the acting treasurer. Andy has also helped secured a number of lucrative sponsorship deals for the league and continues to be a great asset to the EKPL as a whole.
While away from his administrator role, Andy is the long serving captain of the Top Guns, a team which since founded, has seen a bunch of mates stay together and grow into the one of the league’s top pool teams. Andy himself, is also recognised as one of the league’s top players and is a regular at Super League events, and in the latter stages of local tournaments.

Singles Information

Aspirations for the current season:
Qualify for more IM’s and to make a mark in a Scottish tournament.

Greatest pool achievement in singles:
The 2006 Masters Series was probably my best year for results. I got to two finals but was beaten in both, once By Arthur Russo 5-1 and by Steven Maxwell 5-2.

Honours in singles competition

Won a couple of Tournaments that I ran in the Bowling a few years ago. I also won, with Alex Campbell, the two man team event in 2005 (breaking and dishing twice in the semi final).

Team Information

Aspirations for the current season:
Challenge for the cup and the league.

Greatest pool achievement with a team:
Getting to the quarter finals of the Super League with EK.

Honours in team competition

Robert Black Cup 2004, two 3rd place finishes in the League in 2004 and 2010/11.


Make: Unknown, probably from a snooker club?
Acquired: Someone left it in the Bowling. With no case or name, it lay there for about three months. After that I managed to sand it down and make it respectable.
Cost: Free
Tip size: 9mm
Who retips it? Me (just don’t ask me to reduce the size of your ferrule, things can go horribly wrong from there!)

General Questions

Who, or what, inspired you to play?
My pals all played pool and were so much better than me, so I had to practice hundreds to get better and to hold my own because it was costing a fortune in 50ps!

Favourite EK team you have played in?
Top Guns.

Favourite EK team you haven’t played in?
Hustlers (Stevie Kelly is a legend)!

Best player you have ever played against?
In EK, Colin Phillip or Oby. Both different players, but both have destroyed me many timed over the years! In Scotland as a whole, Pat Holtz, he is just so consistent and his temperament is second to none!

Best player you have played alongside?
Alex Campbell, he has pulled out some of the best and most outrageous finishes I have ever seen!

Favourite pro players (Pool or Snooker):

  • Stephen Hendry
  • Ross McInnes
  • Pat Holtz

Who is your bogey player?
Anyone who beats me!

What’s the one match that sticks in your memory
Getting beat off Club 2000 in 2004 back when they were nowhere near as good as they are now, and it cost us the league…bad times!

What’s would you say your best pool attribute is?
Determination to be better.

How would you rate the current standard of pool in EK?
Good, although could be better. I would say we about the 8th strongest area in Scotland.

What do you think we could do to raise the standard?
More players playing IMs against the cream of Scottish pool.

Anything else you would like to say?
I love pool. It plays a big part in my life and I try to never miss a Tuesday night. Pool is the main reason I have had the same friends for the last 18 years. I have also made lots of great friends though this sport and can honestly say it has been one of the greatest things I have had the pleasure of taking part in!