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Chris Bryden
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Iain Wilson

The Club 2000 pool team started at the same time that the club opened in 1999, with Stevie Wylie as captain and founder.

In the early days another team, Club 2001, was formed by Simon Cathcart which consisted of many youngsters who have since gone on to bigger things (Russell Baillie, Lindsay Robertson, Stuart Robertson, Ian Robson, Paul White). After a couple of seasons, the teams merged with Lindsay Robertson taking over as captain and guiding the team to their highest finishing place and to the quarter finals of the League Cup.

After a disappointing 2007 season under captain Graham McCann, Chris Bryden took over the captaincy for season 08/09 and after losing all but 2 of the previous team it took a while for the new team to find their feet, however there was a massive improvement in the team in the second half of the season as the Club 2k have added a lot of young new players to their ranks. This was evident for all to see as the Club was guided to their equal best ever finish and also reached the final on the Robert Black Consolation cup, losing out to The Hotshots.

The 2009/10 season seen Club 2000 have their best season on record, an 8th place finish was achieved as well as first ever wins against the Hotshots and Greenhill’s meant there was plenty to celebrate in 09/10. After a strong cup showing in 08/09, a lot was expected within the ranks for another good run in one of the cups, this however didn’t materialise with the Club 2k going out both cups without much of a fight.

There was more joy however in the singles area of the league for Club 2k, the team was represented by no fewer than 4 team members playing for EKPL at the Super League 11’s event in Feb 10. Chris Bryden and Jack Stewart both achieved the feat of getting to the 09/10 EK Singles quarter finals, Jack unlucky not to go that one step further dropping out in a final frame decider. Most importantly Club 2000 had a representative in the Scotland U21 team at Bridlington, with Jack playing well for the team all the way to the final in which Scotland lost to Wales.

2010/11 season was to be a great season for the Club, not only did they finish a record 7th but they all managed to pick up their first ever silverware, winning the League consolation cup, beating The Tower 8-1 in the final. The Club were also joint winners of the Robert black cup as they amalgamated with The Entertainers for the finals, beating The Hustlers in a cut down version of the usual format.

2011/12 season was a bit of an up and down campaign which started with Lindsay Robertson returning. Despite finishing a respectable 9th, there was a feeling that this team should be achieving better results, this was evident in the cups however, as the Club got to their first ever major semi final and then were the runners up in the Robert black cup, losing out the Hustlers in a close contest. Iain Wilson also became the first player since Lindsay Robertson in 2005 to lift the team player of the year twice and the first on record to win it back to back.

With season 2012/13 approaching, the Club have been busy strengthen their squad for the new campaign. Club 2000 have brought home 3 former players, former EK Singles champion Ian McColl, 2 time league winner Stu Robertson and John Cowie, who was a big player when the Club to reached their first ever final 3 years ago. As well as these players coming in, the Club has kept hold of their best players and a lot is expected for the coming season. With their best ever squad assembled including 6 super league regulars, top 5 and a cup final should be within their grasp, however if this team finds their feet early, it could be a great season for the Club 2k, giving Chris Bryden a memorable 5th year as club captain.

Internal player of the year awards are as follows:

2018/19 – Iain Wilson
2017/18 – Jack Stewart
2016/17 – Stuart Robertson
2015/16 – Stuart Robertson
2014/15 – Ian McColl
2013/14 – Ian McColl
2012/13 – Iain Wilson
2011/12 – Iain Wilson
2010/11 – Iain Wilson
2009/10 – Jack Stewart
2008/09 – Daniel Farrell
2007 – Chris Bryden
2006 – Stevie Wylie
2005 – Lindsay Robertson
2004 – Ian McColl
2003 – Ian Robson
2002 – Lindsay Robertson
2001 – ?
2000 – Andy Smith


Robert Black Cup Winners – 2013/14, 2012/13, 2010/11*

Robert Black Cup Runner’s Up – 2018/19, 2011/12

League Cup Winners – 2017/18, 2016/17

League Cup Runner’s Up – 2018/19, 2015/16, 2014/15

Bill Forbes League Cup Consolation Cup Winners – 2010/11

Robert Black Consolation Cup Winners – 2014/15

Robert Black Consolation Cup Runner’s Up – 2015/16, 2008/09

League Runner’s Up – 2018/19, 2017/18, 2014/15

*Amalgamated with the Entertainers

*Note the team changed names at the start of season 12/13 from Club 2000 to Club 72