John Morrison

Vice Captain(s)

John Burns/Martin Burns


Celene Adamson


Darren Greer
John Burns
Martin Burns
Gary Faith
Stuart Noble
Simon Ross
Michael McLintock
Derek Welsh
Tam McCluskey
Roy English
Liam Walker*
James “Muir” Bryson*
Gerry McMahon*

(* out of town player)

In 2012/13 some good additions come into the team and had an instant impact. We found that we began to pick up a great deal of confidence. New players like Gerry & Gary were stand-outs and when wee Chris and Mo were playing well it meant we had a strong core to the team. However, there were a number of people who struggled with confidence and form and are far better than their results showed.

Typical to season’s past, we still had too many games where we were in a position take points and couldn’t. Hopefully we can resolve this in 2013/14 with some further good additions to the team.

One thing that we are hoping to resolve in 2013/14 is the weekly turn-out. There were a handful of weeks were we struggled for numbers and hopefully by bringing in a couple of new players and changing our home venue will help this.

Definitely looking forward to next season. Onwards and upwards! MTC!

Internal awards are as follows:

Internal Player of the Year
2013/2014 – Gary Faith
2012/2013 – Gerry McMahon
2011/2012 – Simon Ross
2010/2011 – Simon Ross
2009/2010 – Martin Burns

2012/2013 – Gerry McMahon
2011/2012 – Simon Ross
2010/2011 – Simon Ross
2009/2010 – Martin Burns

Kenny Brierley Memorial Shield
2013/2014 – James “Muir” Bryson
2012/2013 – John Burns
2011/2012 – Keith Lindsay
2010/2011 – John Burns*
2009/2010 – John Burns*

(*formerly Centre One Shield)


Bill Forbes League Consolation Cup Winners – 2017/18, 2014/15, 2013/14

Bill Forbes League Consolation Cup Runner’s Up – 2018/19

Robert Black Consolation Cup Runner’s Up – 2014/15

Highest League Position – 9th, 2014/15